William Adams Design offers complete design services for any interior architectural project, complex or simple. We understand space and how to best utilize it. Our end goal is to improve the environment in which you live and stay. From San Francisco to New York City, William Adams Design can provide you with detailed design layouts for any remodel or new construction project. Besides recent projects in the Bay Area, we have had multiple successful at-a-distance projects located in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Hawaii & Key Largo.  We have the ability to work locally or remotely, whatever your project needs may be.

In the simplest of terms, William Adams Design focus is interior architecture and spatial planning. From initial schematic design to city planning and permit submission, we can function as your architect, designer and product management. Most of our clients do not hire an architect for their project, for we function as the designer & architect in most situations, in conjunction with structural engineers (if necessary). Our speciality is complete interior home design, remodel or new build, residential and commercial. We can provide and source all design selections for your project, such as flooring, cabinetry, lighting, paint, hardware and more. We will establish your budget goals and keep you to it. Our Design Services are at a flat rate, based on the project scope and involvement required.

Project management of the remodeling process means William Adams Design will establish a trusting and professional relationship not only with you but also with your contractor and all trades involved with the renovation. We function as the liasson between you, the General Contractor and all sub-contractors involved with your project.  We are responsible in executing the design in a timely manner, by coordinating with the Contractors, trades and the product & material supply chain. Fees are at a flat rate, based upon the complexity of the scope of work and project involvement.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does my project have to be of a certain size or budget to work with you?

No, your project whether it be paint & pillows or an entire home remodel is of great interest to William Adams Design.  We work with a variety of budgets and project sizes, from the furniture layout of a room, to a single bathroom remodel and as large as a complete home renovation.

2. When is the best time to engage with you on my project?

Now!  We recommend getting involved with us during the early stages of your project.  Our goal is to provide a complete design package to be presented to your or our recommended General Contractor to receive an accurate quote for the scope of work to be completed.

3. Do I need to hire an architect for my project?

This is really dependent on the overall scope of the project.  For remodels such as kitchens, bathrooms and interior renovations, an architect is often not necessary.  We can provide the necessary drawings that both the General Contractor and the City may require.  If necessary, we will help engage with a structural engineer.  William Adams Design functions as your interior architect and does not have the capability to execute drawings for additions, new builds or major exterior changes.  However, we will help you engage with the appropriate architect if one is necessary.

4. Do you have a specific style or aesthetic that I need to adhere to?

William Adams believes that collaboration with you is the key to a successful project.  It's important that both you (the client) and William realize a shared vision.  We will work as your both your guide and your collaborator, to achieve a space that embraces your aesthetic and lifestyle.  William Adams is known for designing spaces that are 'fresh traditional' and also warm mid-century modern.

5. How do I find out what your services cost?

As each project is uniquely special, it's best to contact us directly.  We are looking forward to discussing your project with you!